Monday, March 17, 2014

Micro Might mini revolvers

Hey folks. I just thought I'd brush the dust off of this blog. Its been a long time since I've posted anything on here, but I haven't forgotten about it.

I was cruising the website for buds gun shop today and saw a little pocket revolver I'd never come across before. The product is being advertised on there as the "MMT Micro Might 22LR". The gun looks a lot like the North American Arms (NAA) mini revolver, but this new Micro Might looks like it has a crossbolt safety. That's different from the NAA which uses safety notches in the cylinder as a resting place for the hammer.

I'd never heard of this "Micro Might" company, so I did a little research on it. After looking up the Federal Firearms License for the company, I found that the address for the FFL is 317 Sampson Street New Castle, PA. The mailing address for the license is 6060 Nicolle Street Ventura, CA. Its not uncommon to have a production center in one location and an office in another. The interesting part came when I googled the address in Pennsylvania.

Google maps shows that the address in New Castle, PA is also the headquarters for Cold Steel. For those of you who don't know, Cold Steel is a knife company. I guess they're getting into guns now?

It seems like a weird sort of fly-by-night gun company. Who knows, maybe they're still in their infancy.  Their URL which is shows just a picture of their gun and nothing else. No text, no specifications, no owner's manual link, no warranty info, nothing. Its really strange.

I went back to the website where I discovered the gun, budsgunshop. They had a product number listed on their website so I googled that to see what else I could find. There are a lot of independent gun shops out there that are selling this gun online, but that's it. That's all I could find. I assume some distributor has it in their catalog, but I can't find which one.

If anyone knows anything about these little revolvers, I'd appreciate some more information. The internet seems rather devoid of information on these little guns.


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  2. Shotgun News issue date September 20, 2014 has an article on the MI cross Might.

  3. Bought one 3 weeks ago. Hand spring is broken after 4 shots. Took multiple e-mails and phone messages to get in touch with rep. He was supposed to e-mail me UPS labels to send the pistol back for repair. One week later no labels. Several phone messages and e-mails later I am finally able to get rep. He assures me he will mail UPS labels to me for pistol return. Two weeks later... no labels, no contact, no returned e-mails or phone messages. Shop I purchased gun at has also tried to get in contact. At this point I wish I had never bought the thing!

  4. I purchased one in .22LR/.22WMR, and it is an early production model by the low serial number, and it has worked flawlessly. It is fatter than the NAA pistol, I put a NAA folding grip/clip on it and it is a bit snug but not so much as to be unusable. They have since fallen off the face of the earth so, if anything it might be collectible at some point...

  5. Don't waste your money. I bought one for my wife and after the first 5 shots, I reloaded it and the cylinder wouldn't turn. 8 weeks later after numerous attempts to get it repaired, my dealer refunded my money. I should have just bought her the NAA .22 revolver.