Sunday, August 1, 2010

CZ-82 vs. Makarov PM

the CZ82 and the Makarov PM are both chambered in 9x18 Makarov. that's about where the similarities end.

the CZ82 has some great, modern features available at an attractive price. ambi mag release, ambi safety (1911 style), and a double stack magazine. in my eyes, a lot of features for about $250 at your local gun show. that $250 will get you a gun with two magazines and a holster. not bad at all.

the CZ does have some downsides though. there are a lot of parts, so there are a lot of possible failure points. the more parts you have, the higher the chance is that something will fail. fifty five parts, not including the magazine. just the magazine release is five parts. to take one apart for cleaning, you're going to need a screwdriver, hammer, a couple of punches, and a small flat screwdriver, dentistry pick, or thick paperclip.

the beauty of the Makarov PM is in its simplicity. i consider the Makarov pistol basically the AK of handguns. sure its heavy, single stack, and relatively low capacity, but its simple and it works. there are some clever features to the Makarov's design which makes it far superior from an engineering standpoint. the mainspring is also the magazine release. that's one part doing two jobs. another part that does multiple jobs is the ejector, which is also the slide lock.

the really amazing part about the Makarov is how easy it comes apart. remove one screw (the only screw the gun has) holding on the grip and after that, you can take the gun apart without any tools. no punches, no screwdrivers, none of that. if you care to remove the trigger guard you can punch out a pin, but who ever needs to do that?

my hat is off to the designer of the Makarov. truely one of the most simple, rugged, and robust firearms designs ever.

the cz82 can't go without applauds though: it has many modern features at an attractive price, cheaper than any surplus makarovs on the market right now.