Saturday, May 29, 2010

Springfield XD vs GLOCK 19

Glock pistols have been glorified by rappers and plice agencies accross the world. They make a good product, there's no doubt about that; but i prefer the competition.

a couple of years ago i purchased a 2nd generation Glock 19 at Gander Mountain for $399. It included the tactical tupperware case and two spare magazines. At this point I already had a Ruger P95DC with over 2,000rds through it at the time. A friend of mine had a S&W SW9VE (sigma) with a similar number of rounds through it and another friend had a Springfield XD 9mm that was pretty much brand new. When all of us went to the range together, we laid the guns out next to one another and each of us shot all of the guns. All of us agreed that the Glock was the worst of the group Here are some reasons:

  1. snappy recoil
  2. terrible trigger
  3. unnatural grip angle

after that, i put the glock on consignment at a local gun shop. There the gun sat for close to four months at a price of $425. The day I went in there to pick it up / take it back, the guys behind the counter couldn't find it. I was about to get REALLY pissed. why? because they lost my gun. Well, the reason they couldn't find it was because another employee of the shop had sold it earlier that day. The shop owner cut me a check on the spot and away i went. The shop took 20% of the sales price (which meant i lost money on the gun), but i was glad to get rid of it.

I wound up purchasing a Springfield XD 9mm Service model from a friend of mine a few months back for $400 including 2 spare magazines. I think this was a much better choice than the glock. The XD has more features, such as:

  1. ambidexterous magazine release (GREAT for a leftie like me)
  2. a supported chamber (which means the gun doesn't bulge the brass like a GLOCK does, great for realoaders such as myself)
  3. a loaded chamber indicator
  4. grip safety in addition to the glock style bladed trigger
  5. a traditionally-rifled barrel which allows the use of cast lead projectiles
  6. better trigger than any of the Glock pistols I've handled/shot
  7. more natural grip angle

Yes, Glock triggers can be improved with aftermarket parts. That's great, but its much better when a gun has a good trigger right out of the box, without having to spend extra time and money on parts to make the gun what it should've been from square one.

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