Sunday, May 30, 2010

distance shooting Jennings J22

Tuesday, I took a friend of mine to The Cove in Gore, VA. Its about eighty miles away from my residence and a great place to shoot outdoors. It cost $7 per person to get in and we shot for about five hours at a primative outdoor sand pit type of range. Shortly after setting up, i spotted a street sign that was easily 50 yards away and jokingly tried to hit it with my Jennings J22. Well, I hit it. The metal sign made a great sound when struck, which meant we could instantly tell when we'd hit the target.

The next hour or so was spent by the two of us with our cheap little pocket guns, plinking away at the distant target. It was fun and inexpensive. Before the trip, i had purchased 550 rounds of Federal Hollow Point 36 grain copper jacketed ammo from Walmart for under $20. We didn't even go through the entire package of ammo and had a great time. Its really amazing how well the little guns shot with their fixed barrels.

here's a video my friend took on his droid phone.

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