Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corrosive Ammunition

Here in America, a lot of shooters are afraid of using corrosively-primed ammunition. I really hate how if someone hears one comment about something gun-related, they are likeley to take it as gospel without any kind of research at all.

Its true, if you don't clean your gun after shooting corrosive ammo, you'll cause dammage to your firearm. For those of us who clean every time we shoot, the use of corrosively-primed ammunition is not a problem. Within a few hours of shooting, clean the gun as you usually would, but use windex on all parts. warm soapy water works as well.

I personally love shooting corrosive ammo. The problem with a lot of the affordable corrosive being sold right now (in 7.62x54r and 8mm mauser) is that its commonly steel core ammo. That means the ammo can't be used at indoor shooting ranges because the steel projectiles are likeley to cause dammage to the backstop as well as a fire hazard from sparks. Still, its nice to get a hold of some cheap surplus ammo for outdoor use only. The price of the stuff is too good to pass up.

They're not making any more soviet-era corrosive surplus. People are buying up ammo at a feverish pace, which is sure to cause prices to increase over time as the supply is exhausted. Buy some corrosive and go out and have some fun!

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