Sunday, January 16, 2011

German Surplus Flare Gun

I purchased a box of 10 surplus 26.5mm flares at a gun show about a year ago for $25. Yes, I bought the flares before I bought a flare gun. I thought this would be a good idea because I just buy things when I see a deal.

I was looking through Numrich's website and found a GECO flare pistol for $36 in early January of 2011. I decided that I needed to have one at that price, considering when I see them elsewhere online they're $50 or more.

This flare gun was a better choice for me than buying an orion flare pistol intended for marine use. I have a small boat and have a need for a flare pistol. The feel of the Orion flare pistols feel extremely cheap. Being plastic, I don't have much confidence in them, so I was on the lookout for an inexpensive metal surplus flare pistol.

The flare gun I purchased feels solid, its definitely not a toy. Condition is decent, but not great. If this thing gets a little rusty on the boat, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

The gun had some yellow duct tape on the barrel. The tape peeled right off, but left a white adhesive which just won't come off. I don't want to scrape it because I don't want to jeopardize its parkerized finish. I tried using goo-gone on the tape residue, but it didn't work. I think whoever put the tape on the gun later got it really hot (by shooting it), probably cooking that tape residue into the gun.

The bore has some spots, but whatever. I'm sure it'll shoot just fine for a flare gun.


    The tape is no problem- use a gun cleaner/degreaser aerosol "polar solvent" type cleaner and the tape comes off !
    All the used GECOS show some wear- should be no concern about the bore- it'll fire "nice"!
    If you haven't fired it yet- use two hands- it will kick!
    If ya need any more flare gun info , "ring me up"! HAVE FUN- THEY ARE VERY FUN TO SHOOT!
    When storing the GECO- use Break Free CLP- That stuff protects very well !

  2. where are they $50?
    I've been looking for a nice old school flare gun as well.

  3. Numrich now has Czech pistols in NEW condition. Looks like they have never been fired. I just bought two.

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