Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guns for Emergencies

Everyone in the gun community has an opinion on this issue. If the western world were to come to a grinding halt, I'd personally want an "assault-style" rifle. I hope it never happens because i like things the way they are here, but if something bad were to happen, I'd like to have guns on hand. There are two guns that I'd want in a doomsday situation: a 9mm handgun as well as an AK rifle.

For 9mm handguns, it wouldn't really matter what, as long as the gun works well and is relatively high capacity. When i say high capacity, I think 15 rounds or more.

I like AK rifles because they don't need any upkeep and they'll always work with whatever garbage cheap ammo you can find to feed through them. The reliability in adverse conditions is unparalelled. Covered in mud, sweat, blood, and more, it'll still work just fine. I want a gun with a near zero failure rate if the shit ever hits the fan.

The other popular assault style weapon in this country is the AR-15 platform. These guns have something going for them: ammo availability. If we were in a situation where the military was deployed stateside to try and wrangle the populous, there would undoubtedly be 5.56mm ammo floating around. Having a self defense firearm that takes the same ammunition as the cops and military have would be a huge benefit in such a situation.

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  1. Something to consider in the AR vs. AK debate. It used to be a 'quality' AR was 30% more than a good AK. With companies like Delton (last gun show $650 for a carbine) and DSA (uppers in the $230 range, Lowers in the $200 range) the price difference is becoming mute. An AR that is set up correctly will outshoot an AK at longer ranges. The biggest problem is the user must learn to service the rifle correctly. The AK trades almost no maintenance for accuracy. Of course, as we have seen in past conflicts, the engagement range is usually short enough that either choice would work. I have both an AK and an AR and it would be a hard choice on which one to grab on my way out...I have to lean towards the AR mostly because that's what I was trained on in the service.
    Also, for handguns I agree with the 9mm thought but would interject a .45 would be great also. Ammo is plentiful and not much more than the 9mm. The .45 is also used by goverment forces so it would be readily available in an 'internal' war.
    Something I have to put in my go-to-hell kit is a hi-cap .22 auto. If you are going to have to provide your own food (breakdown of logistics and control) you wouldn't want to be shooting squirrels or rabbits with an AR, AK, .45, or even a 9mm. Wouldn't leave much to eat. The .22 (either a rifle or small automatic) is the perfect way to procure food without dipping into your main battle ammo. 500 rounds of .22 lasts a long time and takes up about the same room as a soda can. Just saying...