Monday, June 14, 2010

Kahr Firearms

Kahr Firearms was started in 1995 by Justin Kim. Why is that significant? Because he's the son of Sun Myung Moon, leader of the Unification Church or "Moonies". Kahr Firearms (as well as Auto Ordinance, Thompson, and Magnum Research) is owned by Saeilo, a subsidiary of the Unification Church.

Kahr makes an outstanding product. Parts fittment, as well as finish, overall build quality, and reliability are nothing short of amazing. These guns have the precision feel of a Sig, but they're made here in the states.

The Unification Church also owns the Washington Times, which is a joke compared to the other district newspaper, The Washington Post. There has been widespread rumors of the Church being a cult, a cash-hungry business more than a religion, and lavish use of Church funds on personal posessions and residences for its operators.

They're great guns, but I won't buy one now knowing that they're connected with the business machine that is the Unification Church. Its just a personal prefrence.

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  1. Heh, some douchey guy I hung out with before excommunicating him from my life brought over 2 girls - this bitch with a $540 Louis Vitton purse that she stopped taking to school because her schoolmates bought knockoff versions and she didn't want people to think hers was a knockoff - and a girl whose parents were moonies. First time I ever heard of 'em. They weren't really friendly. They left. I didn't mind.